When you pass by Moncus Park on Johnston St., you might see some dirt, maybe a bridge, and a lot of construction vehicles. Seeing these overhead shots gives us a much better idea of what's to come.

The video shows the walking paths that are completed, and the great lawn that has a full layer of grass growing, as well as the Wetland Pond that is completed and full of water.

The dog park is coming along nicely. This is what you can almost see from Johnston St. The bridge that you've probably noticed is where this will lead to.

Also in the video is the parking lot with rain gardens that is currently under construction.

The Iris Garden is shown next to the walking paths, great lawn, and pond highlighted earlier in the video.

A wide-angle shot gives us a view of seemingly the whole park including the boardwalk, pond, dog park, walking paths, and more.

The park with also eventually hold an outdoor music venue, tree houses, and a veterans memorial.

For more information you can visit MoncusPark.org, or simply follow the progress on their Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

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