Did you know that Saints Coach Sean Payton and former Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Tony Romo are really good friends?

Not only did they two go to the same college, Eastern Illinois, but Payton even coached Romo in Dallas.

Well, Tony Romo was not drafted by the Dallas Cowboys so when he signed with the team he was offered $10,000 to try out for the team.

As the story goes, other teams offered Romo more money to try out with their respective organization, so he asked Sean Payton to lobby for more money for him.

Romo explains that Payton did go to Jerry Jones for him and Jones agreed to pay Romo $20,000 to try out for the Cowboys, but Payton came back to the rookie and said it's $10,000 to try out and Romo agreed to stay.

Fast forward several years later, Payton still jokes with Romo about owing him the $10,000 he never got from Dallas. So, during an interview, the host delivered a check to Tony Romo from Sean Payton and it was for $10,000, which he should have gotten from Dallas his rookie year.

If you know both men now, you know that $10,000 is nothing to them now, thus this is why the joke is hilarious.

I don't know if Romo ever cashed the check, but I hope he did.


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