New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton held his season ending press conference today, and among the many questions he was asked, the one that seemed like an obvious answer was met with a "today's not the time".

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees is the face of the franchise. He turned 39 Monday, but still played at an elite level throughout the 2017 season.

Brees, who's most recent contract with the Saints is due to officially expire, said Monday he plans to remain with the team, and isn't waiting until the official league year begins in March to do it.

Brees' desire to get a contract done sooner rather than later is a positive sign. It's a no brainer, right?

"Not right now,” was Payton's response to a question on whether he would comment on the unfolding of, what would seem to be, Brees' imminent return. “So no. Politely, no.”

Payton was pressed further, being asked if there was no doubt Brees would return as the quarterback of the Saints, but again, chose to punt.

"Like I just finished saying. I’ll say it to you, ‘No.’ We’ll get to you when it’s time, and I’m sure that we’ll go through the process,” Payton replied. “But today’s not the time.”

Payton's phrasing is odd, but shouldn't concern any Saints fans. It would be the shock of the sports century if Brees didn't return to New Orleans next season.

When it comes to contract negotiations, players and coaches tend to, at best, remain coy publicly, letting agents do the work behind the scenes.

Payton's refusal to discuss it publicly follows suit.

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