Antonio Brown, and the Steelers locker room know all about how social media can be a problem in the locker rooms.

With the growing epidemic of people itching to get to social media instead of paying attention to more important details, Sean Payton has decided enough is enough.

He's noticed that social media is becoming a distraction among his players, and he knows how easy it is for it to become a full on problem, a la Antonio Brown and the Steelers.

Payton told Tiki and Tierney show on CBS Radio that he can't hold a 40 minute meeting without his players itching to get to their phones.

While he doesn't mind his players being on social media, he doesn't want it happening at least two hours before a game, which seems reasonable.

“It’s just a simpler scrambler that just avoids the social media aspect. That will be in our locker room," Payton said, before being interrupted while giving a date for installation. "It’s not a violation of your freedom of nothing. But it’s the ability to two hours prior to kickoff, because I want them listening to music, but you can simply hit this little button.”

One thing that I may be reading into a little too much was when he was asked if it would be a Saints thing, or an NFL thing, he replied, "It's going to be a Sean Payton thing."

That brings up more discussion on if he's looking to leave New Orleans for another team.

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