I've always thought that actor Sean Bean is a bad-arse!!! Most of you will remember him as Boromir, the tragic character who sacrificed his life for a couple of hobbits in Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" epic trilogy. Now he stars as Ned Stark in HBO's new original series "Game Of Thrones". Bean was apparently stabbed in a bar fight in London. The fight started when he and Playboy model April Summers were standing outside for a smoke. When a man spotted the couple and made lewd comments about Summers, Bean confronted the man, who just walked away. Later, when Bean went out for another smoke, he was attacked by the man.

Eyewitnesses at the scene report that the man punched Bean in the face and stabbed him in the arm with a broken glass. Despite his wounds, Bean refused to go to a hospital but accepted a first aid kit from the bar staff and then went on to order another drink. Like I had said earlier, Sean Bean is a bad-arse! "Game Of Thrones" airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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