The Scott Police Department says that a 36-year-old Lafayette man is being accused of trying to steal a car, break into cars and break into a home.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger's office reports that Jacob Bruno was arrested after several incidents throughout the course of the day on Wednesday.

Officers were called out to Gateau Road after it is alleged that Bruno is alleged to have gotten his neighbor's car stuck in the yard while he was attempted to steal it.

A Lafayette Parish Sheriff's deputy says he caught Bruno trying to break into someone's home, and Scott Police say they received other calls about someone breaking into cars.

At the end of the day, Bruno was arrested on the following charges:

  • 7 counts of simple burglary
  • 2 counts of criminal damage to property
  • 1 count of unauthorized use of a movable
  • Parole violation

Police says he allegedly burglarized eight cars.