Unfortunately it doesn't have to do with mystical creatures or UFO's. It actually has a logical explanation.

What it all boils down to is that area of the map is susceptible to massive rogue waves.

The Bermuda Triangle, or the Devil's Triangle, is routed in the North Atlantic bound by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. There's been a mystery about the area for many years due to ships sinking, and planes crashing, or both just plain disappearing.

There are storms to the south and north, which come together,” said University of Southampton oceanographer Simon Boxall, per the Sun. “And if there are additional ones from Florida, it can be a potentially deadly formation of rogue waves.”

Boxall said that the waves could reach 100 feet tall, which is the size of the largest wave that was ever recorded, all the way back in 1958.

The Coast Guard further ruined our childhood dreams of sea monsters:

“The Coast Guard does not recognize the existence of the so-called Bermuda Triangle as a geographic area of specific hazard to ships or planes. In a review of many aircraft and vessel losses in the area over the years, there has been nothing discovered that would indicate that casualties were the result of anything other than physical causes. No extraordinary factors have ever been identified.”

The National Ocean Service mentioned that there is no evidence that ships disappeared at a higher rate than any other highly trafficked routes across the globe.

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