Is this the world's best alarm clock? The inventors seem to think so.

The Sandman Doppler is Alexa enabled, has 6 USB ports to charge all of your gadgets, great sounding speaker system, and, of course, a smart alarm clock.

With Amazon Alexa being enabled, it has the ease of being voice activated. You can set your alarm, turn it off, have it play music, tell you the news first thing in the morning, and much more, all by speaking to it.

It also has "quick access buttons." If you're in need of being quiet as to not wake your spouse, or child, or perhaps you're tired of repeating the same commands, the quick access buttons allow you to do multiple tasks with the touch of a button.

You can close the garage door, and lock your front door with the touch of one button. Do you wanna set the mood? You can have the Sandman Doppler play some jazz, and dim the lights just by touching one button.

It's also bluetooth ready, so you can stream radioPup through the speakers.

There are SO many more features. Some are in the video below. Others you can find via their Kickstarter, which is already way past it's goal.

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