Vaccaro was suspended for four games after he failed a test for performance enhancing drugs.

Although Adderall has been on the NFL's banned list for far longer than he's been in the league, Vaccaro told ESPN's Mike Triplett that he didn't know it was against the rules. He also said it was all on him, and didn't try to put blame on anyone else.

“To be honest, I just made a mistake,” Vaccaro said. “I was just tired and I really wasn’t aware of the whole rule thing. The game’s early in the morning, the state fair was going on. I never took it before. I just did it, and it was just a dumb mistake by me, to be honest. And then I came back in Monday and had a random PED test. But that’s the rules, and I take full responsibility.”

Vaccaro missed out on weeks 14-17, and almost three quarters of a million dollars in paychecks.

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