What if I told you the Saints defense held their opponent to zero touchdowns? What if I told you they still found a way to lose the game? Baffling, right?

The defense shined in New York, but the offense came up short in the Saints 16-13 loss to the Giants. Last year, these two teams almost broke the scoreboard. This time around, it was a defensive struggle.

New Orleans created three takeaways. Going into the game, they had zero. No matter how hard the loss to New York hurt, there was a much more devastating blow to the team on Sunday.

P.J. Williams played great to start the game. He broke up a pass on third down, and he was proving why the hype was so high heading into the season. Then, on a third down play, he went low on a tackle and stayed down. It got worse.

The Saints had to bring out the cart for Williams, and the medical trainers had to put him on a board to carry him off. It looked like Williams took several knees to the head and neck region, and the players' somber reaction indicated the serious nature of the injury. Give the young man positive vibes and prayers if you can.

It wasn't a bright day, all around. It's not often that Drew Brees and the offense are to blame for a loss.

New York's only touchdown of the game came on a blocked field goal, so the defense pretty much played a perfect game. Unfortunately, the Saints only had 288 yards of total offense. Brees usually passes for more than that all by himself, and the offensive output simply wasn't enough.

Eli Manning hit eight different receivers on his way to a 368 yard performance. Even though he didn't punch it into the endzone, Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz nickel-and-dimed the Saints all day. On the opposite side, Brees passed for 263 yards and a touchdown. The running game was atrocious though.

Mark Ingram only gained 30 yards on the ground, and the Saints failed utterly at establishing the run. It led to a lot of third downs from distance, and New Orleans ended the night 3-15 when it counted on third down.

The Saints didn't give up a single touchdown on defense, but somehow they lost. It's hard to believe, but it's a reality. Now New Orleans is 0-2 to start the season, even though they were in both games. It's a brutal start to the season in many ways, but you can't expect the offense to come up short again...right?

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