New Orleans Saints defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson has solidified his place in the league as not only one of the best at his position, but also as one of the best trash-talkers in the game. According to one former coach on social media, CJGJ's trash-talking days go back long before he touched the turf of the Superdome.

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When a high school coach can recall an incident regarding a former player that is so absurd it gets the internet riled up, you know it must have been memorable. Apparently, CJ Gardner-Johnson once found himself in a situation where an opposing team's head-coach was ready to fight him because of all the trash-talk he was dishing out. Before we get to that incident, here is some backstory.

CJ Gardner Johnson's Storied History of Trash-Talk


Whether it is trolling Tom Brady for destroying a tablet on the sideline or causing Brady and the Bucs to curse him during a game, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson certainly knows how to get into the opponent's heads. He is even ready to use those Twitter-fingers if someone from the Falcons wants to make noise online.


You can't forget the time when CJGJ had a Chicago Bears wide-receiver so caged that he actually punched the Saints DB in the helmet in between plays.

That punch by Wims got him a two game suspension from the league. Needless to say, Chauncey-Gardner Johnson has caused hell for teams across the NFL. But his tenure in the school of smack-talk goes back before CJGJ reached the big leagues.

Remember when he was a Florida Gator and a scuffle ensued between his team and the LSU Tigers? We think that CJGJ may have been at the center of that altercation, which involved now Tampa Bay Buccaneer Leonard Fournette. The evidence to back that up came when Fournette almost started another fight with Gardner-Johnson following a battle between the Bucs and the Saints in the Superdome.

So we know that Gardner-Johnson has been a headache for opponents since his college days, but now we are finding out that the king of trash talk may have dialed in his devilish demeanor all the way back in high school.

You see, the @PatMcAfeeShow welcomed on defensive star for the Saints, Cam Jordan, who spoke to CJGJ's work ethic and smack-talking prowess. You can check out a clip of that interview below.

As McAfee pointed out CJGJ, "... might be one of the most legendary shit-talkers in the history of shit-talk". Jordan adds that it is all about Gardner-Johnson's work ethic and attributes his confidence while talking smack to the time and effort CJGJ puts in to honing his craft.

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Did a high school coach once try to fight Chauncey Gardner-Johnson?

The incident in question here came about from a former high-school coach of Gardner-Johnson who took the time out to tell quite the story about the New Orleans Saint back in his high school glory days.

See the story from CJGJ's high school years posted to Twitter by @marlonlew31 below.

According to Coach Marlon, Gardner-Johnson and his team were competing in "7 on 7" games when the now-Saint must've been really running his mouth. So much so, the opposing team's head coach actually wanted to fight the then teenager. Truly, CJGJ has been the best in the business for a long time.

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You see in high school 7-on-7 games, there is a perfect opportunity for the athletes with the biggest egos on the team to get at each other both physically and verbally. There are no lineman in the trenches banging their heads every play. Just skill-players going head-to-head and trust me, competition can get quite fierce in these situations.

One Twitter user pointed out the need to have a video of this incident.

I would certainly like to see an adult high school coach get so fed up with a player's trash talk that he actually asks if he wants to square-up. More-so, I would love to see exactly what CJGJ was saying to trigger the opposing coach.

I have seen, and maybe even been involved in, a few altercations during 7-on-7 games. But never in my life have I heard of a team's head-coach asking an opposing player to fight. Truly only a situation that Chauncey Gardner-Johnson can create.

So yes, if you're lined up against CJGJ on any level - you are going to hear from him. He is going to play you as hard and as fast as he will be jawing with you. Gardner-Johnson's attitude on the field has most definitely been an asset to the New Orleans Saints, as the mental warfare aspect of the game he brings has proven to be a determining factor in way an opponent performs.

Reactions to the story of CJGJ having an opposing high school coach ready to throw hands via Twitter below.

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