Like father, like son.


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David Beckham's second born son, Romeo, is playing in the MLS NEXT Pro, a sort of professional minor league started this year by Major League Soccer (MLS). He plays for the Inter Miami II team, and he scored his first ever professional goal at 19-years-old against Orlando City B.

And he did it in spectacular, Beckham fashion!

In a free kick, which his father scored on MANY times in his career, the younger Beckham lined up just outside of the 18-yard box, on the left. He proceeded to take the kick, sending his shot over the Orlando City B wall, curving it down past the keeper, and into the bottom left corner.

This pushed Miami's comeback lead to 3-1, after they trailed 0-1.

Here's a couple of different angles of the goal:



In the replay, the announcer quips, "I think we've seen this before." That could be the understatement of the year, as David Beckham was so famous for scoring in this fashion, that there was a 2002 movie starring Keira Knightley aptly titled Bend it Like Beckham.

Oh, this is what they looked like:



After the match, David Beckham took to Instagram to let his son, and the whole world know how proud he was of him. Romeo responded, letting his father know that his first professional goal, in true Beckham fashion, was for him.




To make it just THAT much cooler, Inter Miami's ownership guessed it, David Beckham. So the younger Beckham's first professional goal was scored while playing for his dad's team! I'm certain this won't be the last time we see Romeo find the back of the net, or the side, for that matter.

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