"Hello, my name is Roman Harper...uhhh Mr. Harper"

What if you walked into class, and Roman Harper was your substitute teacher?

Some lucky students in a Sociology 101 class at Belle Chase High School on the West Bank of New Orleans received a surprise when they were introduced to their substitute teacher this morning.

Roman Harper has always seemed like a down to earth guy, and genuinely cares about New Orleans, and the fans of the Saints.

For many Saints players, and most NFL players, their community is a big part of the job. Helping the young people of the community is definitely key in any area.

How cool is it that he took time out of his busy schedule to do this for students?

Roman Harper is a safety for the New Orleans Saints, and was a part of the Super Bowl XL team that brought the Lombardi trophy to New Orleans. He was traded to the Carolina Panthers, who went to Super Bowl L, before being traded back to the Saints this off-season.

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