If you can't afford one of the most expensive cars in the world, maybe you'd like a little piece of one. Well, don't bother.

The Spirit of Ecstasy is the name of the hood ornament that adorns all Rolls-Royces and it comes with a pretty cool security feature: when someone tries to take it off, it drops down into the car. It's like the villain in a movie disappearing into his lair when the good guy is closing in on him.

Yeah, it's pretty nifty and that's why you've got to pay about a bazillion dollars for a car that, in getting you from A to B, does the same thing as that 1997 Honda Civic you're still chugging around in (with the exception, of course, that the Rolls probably doesn't have so much exhaust blowing out the city needs to issue a smog warning).

And how pompous is Rolls-Royce that it names a hood ornament? That's like Kia naming its hubcaps. We get it: you're a high-end car. Stop making everyone else feel so badly about it.

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