Roger Waters discussed the "Dark Side of the Rainbow" legend and shared his favorite story surrounding the mash-up.

It's long been known that a series of connections appear to be made when Pink Floyd's classic album, The Dark Side of the Moon, is played alongside the 1939 fantasy movie, The Wizard of Oz. In a new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience (available below), host Rogan asked Waters if there was any truth to reports that the band planned this synchronization.

"Bullshit," Waters replied, laughing. "Of course it is!" He elaborated: "I mean, it may not be – it may [work] if you do what they say; but it has nothing to do with us. Any of us. Nothing to do with anyone in Pink Floyd or anyone who wrote or recorded any of the music. It's something that somebody thinks – it's a coincidence. ... Maybe it's cosmic coincidence!"

He went on to recount one particular story of a "cop in Louisiana following a bus and it was weaving about the road a bit, and so he pulls it over...[He] puts the bike up on the stand, opens the door, nearly falls over, there's so much smoke coming out through the bloody door.

"He goes in, he goes through and he's trying to find people with dope because it's just full of marijuana smoke. Eventually he gets to the back of the bus where there's a private compartment. He opens the door and goes in, and there's Willie Nelson. And the story is that Willie Nelson is listening to The Dark Side of the Moon and watching The Wizard of Oz on the TV." He added: "And I don't believe it for a minute, but I like the story!"

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