According to PEOPLE, film critic Roger Ebert is still standing by the message that he tweeted, but says that he tweeted too soon about the death of 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn. Yesterday, Ebert tweeted, "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive."

He's now offering apologies to Dunn's friends, family, and fans.

"I have no way of knowing if Ryan Dunn was drunk at the time of his death," Ebert, 69, writes on his Chicago Sun-Times blog. "I don't know what happened in this case, and I was probably too quick to Tweet."

But Ebert was also quick to cite the facts as he heard them when news of the accident first broke Monday morning, including the police statement that speed may have have been a contributing factor. Also killed was Zachary Hartwell, and a photo of Dunn holding a beverage with two friends earlier in the evening might suggest the Jackass stuntman had been drinking alcohol."

Ebert goes on to say that his tweet wasn't meant to be cruel, and the term "jackass" wasn't meant as an insult to Dunn, but a nod to the 'Jackass' franchise.

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