New Year’s resolutions: Most people don’t live up to them, but everyone makes ‘em — even your favorite hard rockers. How do we know? Thanks to the good people at Noisecreep, who asked a long list of rock’s heaviest hitters to share their plans for 2012, including Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess, Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale, Skillet vocalist John Cooper and Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack.

What they came up with might surprise you. For instance, while you’d expect Mustaine to say his resolution for this and every year is to “rock your lame ass,” his response was actually pretty thoughtful: “To always try to do right by my fellow man and to remember to practice tithing, the religious act of giving back, as much as I can.”

Rudess, meanwhile, promised to dedicate himself to “those I cherish: family, friends and all my assorted musical gadgets.’

Hale pledged to give her fans “a record with all sides of me on it” and said “my resolution for twenty twelve is to not tame my inner beast, but to set her free!”

Skillet’s John Cooper cheated a little, offering two resolutions for the price of one: “1. To write a rock album that KILLS and that people cannot live without! 2. To take my wife on an amazing vacation after three years of straight touring!”

Noble goals, all. But Asking Alexandria‘s Danny Worsnop shared a resolution that all of us can get behind: “To have a million dollars in the bank!”

To read more celebrity New Year’s resolutions on Noisecreep — including thoughts from Gene Simmons, Lita Ford, Mike Portnoy and others — click here.

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