Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic, says that this is the episode of the show that you 'absoulutely' have to see.

If you think that season four of The Walking Dead has been dragging, Kirkman (who also serves as an Executive Producer on the show) says this is the episode you've been waiting for.

“[It's] definitely one that people are going to remember and it’s definitely one people are going to talk about. If there is one episode of <em>The Walking Dead</em> that you absolutely had to watch this season, it would be this one.”[/pullquotes]

Does this mean that a major death is coming up for our "group" of survivors? Generally when they say something big is coming, that's what we get.


Robert Kirkman could be talking about a couple of things. One being the relationship between Daryl and Beth. Will it evolve into something romantic?

“They’re growing close, just as anyone who is stuck in that situation would grow close. Now whether or not that is going to evolve into a romantic relationship remains to be seen.”

There's also something that has been brewing, that could finally come to a head. The fact that Carol was responsible for the death of Tyreese's girlfriend, but he doesn't know it...yet. Is he going to find out, and do something about it?

“Of course Tyreese gets put with Carol because there is so much story potential there with those two being together after what Carol has done and the fact that Tyreese just didn’t happen to get that information.”

What do you think will happen on this week's episode of The Walking Dead?


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