Just when you thought you had escaped the treacherous claws of Psy's 'Gangnam Style', someone remixed Linkin Park's entire 'Hybrid Theory' album with 'Gangnam Style' and it works surprisingly well. Check out 'Psybrid Theory'

1.) Gangnamcut (Papercut)

2.) One Style Closer (One Step Closer)

3.) With Gangnam (With You)

4.) Points op Gangnamthority (Points of Authority)

5.) Crawling In My Style (Crawling)

6.) Runaweyyy (Runaway)

7.) Psy Myself (By Myself)

8.) In The Gangnam (In The End)

9.) A Place For Psy's Head (A Place For My Head)

10.) Forgoppan (Forgotten)

11.) Cure For The Gentlemen (Cure For The Itch)

12.) Losing Me Your Way (Pushing Me Away)

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