I subscribe to the idea that we all have something we'd rather not share. There is something deep within us that we simply do not want others to know about. Or at least the general population of others to know about.

That brings up the issue of trust. Should romantic partners know everything there is to know about their partner? My opinion is no they shouldn't.

Before you go crazy on that statement let me add clarification to that edict. While I believe I should be able to keep certain information to myself, I do feel an obligation to answer honestly when queried about such information. I am along the lines of "need to know". If you don't need to know why should you. However, if you develop a need to know then as a partner I should be willing to disclose. See? You can stop hating me now.

With the advent of smartphones and personal communication devices there has been a new level of mistrust among couples. The most egregious offender is the text message. Many a high profile marriage and not so high profile marriage has gone down in flames because of clandestine messages. That brings to mind this question, should you read your partner's text messages without their permission?

A recent survey showed that 37% of females said they felt it was well within their rights to read their partner's text messages. Especially if that partner had been "acting suspiciously".  29% of male respondents agreed with the assessment of viewing their partner's texts.

That acting suspiciously thing is where I really have the problem with this. How can you define "acting suspiciously"? If a person, such as myself, has always kept things close to the vest then I would be acting normally. Still, I do understand the need to know or the need to confirm. I don't understand why we can just be honest with each other. Sometimes I believe the rules of society need to be reviewed or better yet burned down and rebuilt all together.

One other thing to toss in your general direction on this looking into another's personal information. You could be violating a state or federal law depending upon the method you choose.

Just to be clear. My wife has the password to my phone. I leave it laying around and personally don't care if she sees anything that's on it. I am either very trustworthy or very good at being sneaky. I think perhaps I have seen myself in the mirror and realize that not even the circus would be interested in me. It's a good thing I have people in my life who love me in spite of myself.


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