There are still good people out there!

With most people's news feed on social media being filled with arguing, and negativity, it was good to see something heartwarming pop up.

My friend Mellie posted about her mother's dog who was hit by a vehicle last night (8/14).

When she was scrolling through her own Facebook feed, she saw several posts about a dog that was hit by a vehicle, and the people who found him were looking for the owner. She then looked at the picture, and noticed that it was her mom's dog, Payton.

The people saw Payton in the middle of Congress St., and couldn't just leave him there. They stopped, and moved him from the middle of the road. This isn't an easy task, as Payton weighs around the 90 lbs mark.

They were helped by members of the Lafayette Parish Fire Department, and off Payton went to an emergency vet clinic.

The folks who stopped to help Payton were willing to pay for his medical expenses out of their own pocket if need be, to make sure that he regained his health.

Mellie Mellington
Mellie Mellington

[UPDATE] Payton isn't out of the woods just yet. He is still at the emergency vet with two breaks in his pelvis, and his tail will need to be amputated. He is scheduled for surgery on Friday.

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