Raising Men Lawn Care Service is headed through Louisiana this week and will be making a stop in Lafayette.

If you're not familiar with Raising Men Lawn Care Service, it was started by 27-year-old Rodney Smith Jr. as a free lawn care service for the elderly, disabled, single moms, veterans, and others in need. Smith's goal is to mow lawns for people in all 50 states.

Smith decided to head out on this mission back in 2015 when he saw an older man struggling to cut his lawn. He helped that elderly man then, and since then has over 60 children participating in the program. Another goal for Smith is to inspire the youth to give back to their communities as well.

He's looking for people in need to have their lawn mowed while he's visiting the following Louisiana towns.

Shoot him a text and if you see him in town, be sure to let him know that he's definitely an inspiration to us all.

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