Raising Cane's is a Louisiana staple. Everyone has got that late-night Caniac box after partying downtown. Everyone has been stuck on Congress waiting to turn into the parking lot, effectively making everyone behind you mad. Everyone has their own custom Cane's order to satisfy the cravings.

Now, Raising Cane's is trying to cover all their bases. They've introduced a nail polish made to look like their infamous Cane's sauce. Not joking.

Raising Cane's
Raising Cane's

Saucy and Glossy. This nail polish is actually for sale item. It's here on their website, and it's selling for 7 bucks. Now, I don't know who thought of this idea. It's pretty genius. We've all got that Cane's sauce on our fingers while eating, and now, you can have that color on your fingers on a more permanent basis.

BUT -- Raising Cane's wants you to know that it's actually nail polish, not sauce. Don't eat it.

Is it just me, or would it be cooler if the nail polish was edible? I feel like that's killing two birds with one stone. If nail polish isn't your thing, check out their chapstick called 'Lip Sauce'. What should be the next item that Cane's comes out with? I'm gonna vote for a variation of the Texas toast butter...but in lotion form.

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