(Pre-Article Author's Note: Cajuns fans, I apologize if this post causes you any frustration. I just figured I'd write about something cool and fun from this weekend since you all have probably seen enough doom, gloom, and "we need to be better" about your home team this week. I can't help that the team involved is one of our biggest conference rivals.

Regardless, this is indirectly a good thing. More attention for the Fun Belt, more eyes on our product, is always a good thing.)

Arguably the most entertaining game played this Saturday, and in fact this weekend, was Appalachian State versus Troy on the Mountaintop.

And if you pay any attention to college football whatsoever, you already know exactly why.

In perhaps one of the most exciting endings we've seen in multiple years, a bad choice by Troy to take a safety lead to App State's Chase Brice heaving up a beauty tipped into the hands of Christan Horn.

The entire game was really solid football, once again proving how high quality the on-field product of the Sun Belt really is.

But as with any electrifying last-second win like this, the reactions were almost better than the game.

Classy move here by Brice. As an avid proponent of the field/court storming tradition, I think it's awesome of the hero of the game to take the time to ensure the fans he energized get onto the field safely to celebrate with their team.

I will NOT make any comment about what would happen if this were Cajun Field, but I have my personal opinions that you can always find on Twitter @roguesportsla.

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ANYWAY, check out these sorority girls from Troy realizing that they did, in fact, just lose.

I don't want to make any assumptions, because that's just rude, but if you look at the girl in the light pink dress closer to the camera, you may see that she is the only one who realizes what is going on from the get-go.

Something about that video is extremely funny to me. Another video I find extremely funny is the radio announcers' call of the heroic final play.

I don't think it shows up on the embedded version of the tweet, but on twitter the auto-generated captions for this video include a mention of a former president.

Barack Obama, indeed.

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