This past Sunday the Ragin Cajuns hosted their yearly fan event. Fans got to go to the Cajundome Convention Center to meet the UL football and volleyball teams. And boy did fans show up in bunches.


Fans got to meet the players on the respective teams and the coaches. It really gathered together the community to get to know the players and connect with these teams for the upcoming season.

Not only were you able to meet the players but fans received posters, a calendar with all the critical events, and a free shirt(who doesn't love a free shirt!). It's the little things that can endear a fan to a team or university and this is what you do. I saw so many smiles on the faces of young and old alike.


We're about 2 weeks away from the first Cajuns game and what a great way to kick off the excitement. Yes, the Cajuns may be under a new regime but it seems the cULture is still intact.

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