A racehorse got loose from a northern Kentucky racetrack and ended up in Evansville, Indiana after a jockey was bucked off. The horse was eventually corralled by the County Sheriff and the videos of the speeding thoroughbred are going viral on social media.

Twitter via @BlakeSandlin

Of course, this is a dangerous situation for both the horse and drivers on the road. I hope everyone was alright in the incident. The horse started out a race at a track in Kentucky and ended up taking the highway north up to Indiana.

Now, this isn't some backroad in the country incident. This horse was high-tailing it on the highway between Kentucky and Indiana.

Twitter via @BlakeSandlin

At one point, the racehorse was even running against traffic. Pretty scary stuff if you are flying down the highway.

Twitter via @ChadBlue83

Now, see video of the horse running loose on the highway posted to Twitter by @BlakeSandlin below.

Check out second angle of the horse shared by @ChadBlue83 below.

According to one Twitter user @tclowers23 the horse was eventually corralled by Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham. He was slowed down in the border-town of Evansville, Indiana.

More reactions from social media here.

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