Be excited for some of our favorite PlayStation games of old to return on PlayStation 4 with 1080p support.

According to DualShockers, industry insider Ahsan Rasheed has said on his Twitter that many new features are coming for PlayStation 4 owners. Some of these changes include localized, PlayStation 4 support of PS1 and PS2 titles with a native 1080p rendering for specific titles. Rasheed claims that many of these changes are intended to be a part of Sony's upcoming E3 presentation. Since PC emulation for both the PS1 and PS2 already work well in presenting older titles in higher visual qualities, the PlayStation 4 should be able to do so as long as it takes a similar approach.

Another supposed upcoming change to the PlayStation 4 includes a revamped Blu-ray and Media Player interface. Also, Rasheed stated to expect more PS4 exclusive titles and the PlayStation Now launch to be announced along with live demos of the VR headset being present at future gaming conventions.

On the topic of the Morpheus VR headset, Sony has been asking from open criticism from third party developers on the program and what how they would like to see it utilized in conjunction with the PlayStation 4. Much of the PS4 and the DualShock 4's development kept third party criticism in mind throughout their earlier stages.

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