I'm a pretty good shopper, which means I check the prices, sales, and value of most things I purchase. I'm not a big name brand person, but there are exceptions to that. Like, I would never buy off brand or generic canned tuna. But generics can be a saving grace for those of us on a budget!

Reviewed.com has some products that you should buy generic every time, because of  the value, the price, and sometimes even the availability. Good to know, shoppers.


  • Salt - regular table salt
  • Aluminum Foil - heavy duty or regular
  • Batteries - not sure I believe this one, but you can usually get name brand batteries at the dollar stores
  • Bottled Water - however, some brands have sturdier bottles, if that's what you prefer
  • Cereal - the bagged brands are actually pretty good, and not nearly as pricey
  • Makeup - sometimes the high price comes from those extravagant ad campaigns. I do have my favorites, though, and they aren't high end, but they are name brand.
  • HDMI Cables - almost all the same. Really.
  • Spices - freshness is really the key here. Again, you can get a lot of basic seasonings at dollar stores
  • Baking Soda - zero difference between name brand and generic
  • Toothpaste - just make sure it has the American Dental Association seal of approval

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