You have to give him an "A" for effort.

A priest in Detroit found a way to bless parishioners with holy water as they drove past him during a recent service.

The priest, who was practising social distancing, would squirt holy water into vehicles using a water gun. Father Tim Pelc says he consulted with a medical professional before resorting to this tactic, and he was given the clear to move forward with this idea.

Some of the photos of the priest spraying parishioners were deleted from the church's social media platform, but others have since gone viral.

The priest says that the kids got a kick out of this and that was his objective. In the times that we are currently in, putting a smile on someone's face really does go a long way.

While some may think that is is a bit "unprofessional," I applaud this priest for thinking outside of the box and having some fun with those who attend his church.

As a matter of fact, had I been in this line I may have turned around and gone back for a second blessing.

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