Congrats Internet, you've done it again! Specifically, we have a YouTube user named Hudson Hongo to thank for a new video that puts President Obama's claim that he's not the lead singer of Korn to the test.

You may recall that Obama joked during a Medal of Honor award presentation to Florent Groberg that he was not the lead singer of Korn, that Groberg was not hallucinating and that he was in the White House receiving the Medal of Honor. The comments came in reference to a story that Groberg had relayed in which he awoke in a military hospital after helping to thwart a suicide bomber and was in a haze, surprised that Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis was sitting with him. At first Groberg thought he was hallucinating, but soon realized that Davis was really there as the singer was visiting soldiers at the military base.

In the Hongo video mash-up above, he manages to take wording from President Obama's various speeches and public appearances and splice them all together so it appears as though the Commander in Chief is actually singing the Korn hit "Freak on a Leash."

There's even a little bit of Obama getting funky and dancing along with the music courtesy of his appearance on the Ellen daytime talk show. It's a pretty clever and well constructed video mash-up. Watch on in the player above.

Now, who out there is ready to take Jonathan Davis' performance footage and turn it into a presidential speech to Congress? You're move, Internet!

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