The camera stays on Daniel Cormier after his TKO loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214.

This is actually kind of scary. I hope the UFC revisits this, and changes the post-fight rules. They shouldn't have stopped Cormier from going to the locker room immediately after the fight.

If you watched UFC 214 live, it appeared that Daniel Cormier was being a bad sport by not standing next to Big John during the official announcement of the outcome of the fight. What we saw was Cormier pushing Big John's hand away, and trying to walk out of the ring. Even I thought to myself that it wasn't a good look for DC. I then immediately felt like something was off. That didn't seem like something he would do, pride aside.

My wife and I talked about it afterward, and said that we hope he would make an announcement, and apologize for it. He did, even though, after watching the post-fight video that stayed on him, he probably didn't have to. It's quite obvious that he's still shockingly dazed at that point.

Here's his statement that he posted yesterday (7/30/17):

And here is the video immediately after the fight was called.

Not only was DC a good sport about it, as you can see from his humbling Facebook post, but in the above video, you see just why he reacted the way he did after the fight.

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