The wait is nearly over.

It's been two months since Popeyes had to stop selling their insanely popular spicy chicken sandwich.

However, in a post this morning, the fried chicken chain has announced that this Sunday, November 3rd they'll be bringing back the sandwich.

Oh, by the way, nice jab in there to their competitor, Chick-fil-A.

If you watch the video, you'll see the road sign with the Popeyes logo being unveiled with the words "Open Sundays." However, next to it is the Chick-fil-A logo with the words "Closed Sunday" underneath it.

Last time we had the glorious spicy chicken sandwich in our lives, Popeyes procured three months' worth of chicken sandwich ingredients only to sell out in two weeks. This go-round they're prepared.

The chain has hired 400 new employees for their 2,600 Popeyes locations along with the ingredients to meet the demand.

"It is a permanent menu item," Popeyes spokesperson Dana Schopp said.


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