Suspended City Marshal, Brian Pope is under fire again after facing another felony indictment from the Louisiana Board of Ethics.

Approved by the vote of the board on January 17, the charges accuse him of receiving more than $300,000 in income to which he wasn’t entitled.

The charges address his income in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The charges state:

“The fees of the office due to Marshal received by Brian Pope from the City Court of Lafayette were not deposited into an operating account for the office of the City Marshal, but remitted to Brian Pope personally”

The charges also accuse him of receiving another $118,202 in “supplemental compensation” that he “was not duly entitled to receive” during those same years.

“Brian Pope instructed his staff to pay Brian Pope the supplemental compensation payment from the Marshal City Court of Lafayette,” the charges state.

The board voted to appoint two attorneys to handle the case and asked the Ethics Adjudicatory Board to conduct a hearing on the charges.

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