A lot of accidents are due to distracted driving, and these officers came up with a clever way to combat it.

Georgia passed a law combating distracted driving nearly a year ago and now a group of Marietta officers is going viral for posing as utility workers to catch drivers who were on their phones or not wearing their seatbelts. They posted up near a busy intersection and looked just like any average utility worker, holding signs and decked out in their safety vests.

They would radio nearby police who were hanging out in parking lots and they would pull over the drivers who were in violation. In total, the Marietta and Cobb police wrote 141 tickets and ended up making three arrests while Georgia state troopers wrote 29 tickets of their own.

Is this something that we may see happening in Lafayette soon? I surely hope not, because with all the construction that we have going on, police would have plenty of good hiding spots, LOL.

Just be safe, obey all traffic laws and you'll never have to worry. Easy, right?

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