A new update on Creed singer Scott Stapp's troubles has just been reported. According to South Florida's Gossip Extra, Boca Raton police have closed their investigation on Stapp's claim that his bank account had been robbed. The decision was made because investigators have been unable to make contact with the vocalist after multiple attempts.

The bizarre downfall of Scott Stapp began with a long video testimonial shot by the singer himself. Among other things, Stapp claimed to be completely penniless and living between a Holiday Inn and his own truck. Since the clip hit the Internet, the story had branched off into many directions. Stapp's family spoke about the singer's extreme drug use and bizarre behavior, and his estranged wife also attempted to put the singer in a 60-day psychiatric hold after he had allegedly threatened to kill himself. He's since lost custody of his children.

In this newest update, police in Boca Raton, Fla., closed the investigation of Scott Stapp's alleged missing money because they can't locate the singer. Scott filed the criminal complaint against his wife, claiming she had likely transferred $26,000 out of his personal Wells Fargo bank account without permission. Stapp also asserted that his account password had been changed.

During the investigation, police and deputies attempted to call the phone number left by Stapp a total of five times. Stapp never answered the calls, nor called back. Despite the unsuccessful pursuit, Scott Stapp has not been listed as a missing person.

Stay tuned for more news on Scott Stapp as updates continue to roll in.

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