A 17 year old is suspected of killing Grandparents in a horrible machete attack, and police make it a point of noting he's "a metal fan." Among 50 pieces of evidence against 17-year-old Kyle Smith is a Slipknot album, which investigators say features a pentagram on the cover. According to rocknewsdesk.com Smith is believed to have killed his grandparents David Garrick, 60, and Rose Garrick, 57, on Wednesday, in a brutal machete attack. Smith, who lived with the Garricks, was arrested a few hours later driving their truck. Two of his friends, Dustin Martin, 18, and Jacob LeBlanc, 17, have also been arrested in connection with trying to help him cover up the murders.

A neighbour’s CCTV video shows the three teenagers arriving at the house, then leaving, after which the building goes up in the flames. Police believe they set fire to the bodies to hide the cause of death.

Smith has made no comment – but Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes says: “Smith admitted to investigators when he was arrested that he was into heavy metal music.”

So, what year is this again? We're blaming metal music for people killing people?!?!?!?! Or, am I wrong...should music be held accountable? What do you think? Comment below. You can read the rest of this story at rocknewsdesk.com

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