The Nashville Fire Department confirmed that shots were being fired at the Carmike 8 Cinemas near Nashville.

Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said the suspect entered the theater armed with a gun and a hatchet.

A South Precinct officer entered the theater where Mad Max: Fury Road was showing. There, he encountered the gunman in the projection room. The gunman and the officer exchanged gunfire.

A Metro SWAT Team later engaged and killed the gunman just inside the movie theater.

“We believe the imminent threat has ended,” Aaron said.

Aaron said the gunman had two backpacks on him at the time of the shooting. Crews are working to make sure there is no danger with those backpacks.

Brian Haas, spokesman for the Nashville Fire Department, said the gunman was also carrying pepper spray. Three people were injured from exposure to pepper spray, and one of those people also appeared to have superficial injuries that could have come from the hatchet.

Officials at Vanderbilt University Medical Center confirmed no victims would be transported to the hospital.


WSMV is reporting that Police responded to a shots fired call at around 1:15pm.

It was confirmed that three EMS units were sent out to the scene.

At this time, a spokesperson at Vanderbilt University Medical Center confirmed they will not receive any patients.

Witnesses reported one person covered in blood.

Several nearby businesses and a nearby school have been placed on lockdown.

With it being less than two weeks since the Grand 16 shootings, this hits extremely close to home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to any victims, their friends and family, and the residents in the area of Nashville.

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