"Plastimake" is a pretty amazing product that allows you to easily mold your own plastic...your own plastic anything! All you need is warm water and an imagination or a need, and the sky is the limit for what you can make with this stuff.

As you'll see in the video, Plastimake is extremely simple to use and can be a savior for hundreds of DIY projects around the house. Think of the amazing custom monster fangs you could mold out of this stuff for Halloween?

The best part? If you mess up, or just get tired of whatever you've made, toss it back into some warm water and start all over!

Plastimake is an easy-to-use plastic that you can shape with your bare hands. It's non-toxic, reusable and super strong so it's perfect for lots of DIY projects, repairs, models, costumes, crafts, sculpture and prototypes.


You can browse hundreds of example projects and buy online at http://www.plastimake.com

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