Deputies with the Cameron Parish Sheriff's office were called to an area in Cameron Parish near Pete Seay Circle last night to investigate reports of a plane crash. Upon arrival at the scene deputies confirmed that a plane had in fact gone down on a small island between Hackberry and Big Lake.

CPSO investigators reportedly sent a marine unit to the crash site. According to KATC Television Sheriff Ron Johnson is reporting that there were no survivors in the crash. The Sheriff did not elaborate on how many victims were aboard the aircraft nor were the identities of those involved disclosed.

According to a report from KPLC Television in Lake Charles, the Cameron Parish Sheriff's Department is expecting investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration to be on the scene early this morning to go over the crash site and search for clues as to why the aircraft crashed.

This is a developing story and we anticipate there will be more information released on the crash, its cause, and those who lost their lives. Please check back with us often or make sure that you have our station App downloaded for the latest news on this developing story as well as news of interest to you.

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