Nothing More absolutely CRUSHED it when they played The Varsity on Sunday (4/19). Here's a some pictures from that show.

Also, Nothing More posted this picture to their Instagram account. The #iknowJenny campaign is a very awesome thing, and should definitely be checked out.

Nothing More Instagram
Nothing More Instagram

And here's the caption that tells the story:

A girl was holding up this sign in the audience last night and she waited after the show to tell me a bit about her story. She told me that she could relate to every line in the song Jenny because she had been a "Jenny" for years... But she changed her sign from#iknowJenny to #iknewJenny because she had turned things around the last year and has been on a path to recovery! She wanted to share that there ARE people out there who make it through, get help and become whole again. Not every story ends in a suicide, jail, the psyche ward, or life on the streets. There is hope. I want to thank this girl for sharing that with me. Now it's time to change the world...#MentalHealth 

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