These photos are so powerful.

A couple of photos from Lafayette are going viral after they were posted on Facebook. The photos show a young man walking down Ambassador Caffery to get to work.

According to Louie Berges Jr., the young man in the photos below walked 3 HOURS to get to work on time in Lafayette. Berges says that the young man informed him that he could not afford to miss work and that walking was his only option.

In a day and age when some are so quick to question work ethic, this young has redefined what work ethic really is.

I don't know this young man's situation, but he needs a better way to get to and from work. I see way too many people misuse GoFundMe these days, but an account should be created to help this young man out, who works at Dick's Sporting Goods in Lafayette.

Let me note here that Mr Berges says that he did give the young a ride to work after hearing of his journey to get there.


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