Officials with the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office are warning people that two reports about a phone scam were reported last week.

Imagine someone calls and tells you that your loved one was in a terrible crash and needs to be treated at the hospital.

These despicable people claim to represent the hospital, and they say they need money in our to treat your family member.

As it just so happened in both cases, both people checked on their family members after getting these calls, and no one was hurt.

The biggest advice that deputies have for you is to never give out any person information to anyone that you don't know.

Before you believe that your loved one has been hurt, call 911.

Officials say don't become a victim because you are letting someone play to your fears that someone you love will be harmed.

If this has happened to you in St. Mary Parish, please call the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-828-1960.