Philip Anselmo is never shy to bust out a classic Pantera tune, but the legendary vocalist has been jamming some of the band's greatest works with some high profile musicians as of late. One of these sessions involved the track 'I'm Broken' with Black Label Society acting as Anselmo's backing band. However, in response to criticism on the quality of Anselmo's vocal performance, the man himself took to the comments section of YouTube to explain himself.

Two weeks ago, Anselmo joined Kill Devil Hill, which consists of fellow Pantera member Rex Brown, for a solid performance of 'Mouth for War.' Even more recently, Anselmo shared the stage with Black Label Society for 'I'm Broken' on a handful of occasions, including one gig in Dallas that also featured Rex Brown. These jams have once again gotten fans excited for some sort of Pantera reunion, possibly with Zakk Wylde filling in for the immortal 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott, but once again, drummer Vinnie Paul publicly stated that he wasn't interested.

As for Anselmo's May 10 'I'm Broken' performance with Black Label Society, the vocalist posted the following comment using the Housecore Records YouTube channel:

Dear lovers and haters!
I adore you all, and I must admit one thing here and now: my voice WAS FRIED!!!
Too many reasons to list here, but I did the Down set, waited an hour, drinking and smoking reasonably (hahaha!), and basically, I sucked…
I admit it completely-- you are correct!
Go back and listen to the last MM4 or 5 (?) a year ago...
When I put my damn mind to it and commit, I can nail all these tunes, to a certain degree.
Forget "Cemetery Gates" type stuff.
But damn near anything post CFH is mine….
Thanks for the comments, and I wish y'all awesomeness in your lives!
Hail!  Hail!
PHA '14

Don't be too glum, Phil. We forgive you! Check out the live video of 'I'm Broken' above and judge for yourselves!

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