As if he hasn't had enough success with almost everything he's done, I'm guessing the success of the Manningcast on ESPN2 and ESPN+ this past football season has made the Prince of New Orleans, Peyton Manning, join Instagram.


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Peyton Manning Instagram

I can probably count on (less than) one hand the amount of athletes in my lifetime that are as universally well-liked as much as Peyton Manning. His on-field superiority got him two Super Bowl rings and a number of high ranking records. His off-field persona is so genuine and welcoming.

Let's not forget his appearances on Saturday Night Live being some of the best by an athlete, ever.




And now, he and equally retired brother Eli are having the time of their lives as broadcasters of Monday Night Football games on ESPN with the Manningcast.

What's next for Peyton? NFL team owner? Louisiana Senator? How about Instagram user.


Peyton Manning playing football with his brothers

The first (and so far only) thing Peyton has posted is a spliced together home-video of him playing football with his brothers as a child in New Orleans. Predictably wholesome! Did you catch the Saints helmet in there?

It's also of note that Peyton celebrated his 46th birthday by joining Instagram.

Eli Manning first launched his Twitter account in May of 2020. If his hilarious posts there are any indication of what's to come from Peyton's Instagram account, it's going to be a must-follow. Especially if he continues to have content produced by Omaha Productions, the production company that he founded that also produces the Manningcast.

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