A petition is circulating on Change.org to keep an actor out of a movie.

I heard of these petitions going around to try to get movie execs to INCLUDE certain actors in certain movies, but a petition to keep one out? Here it is!

The movie: Wicked. It's the prequel to the Wizard of Oz that concentrates on the lives of the witches, and what caused them to choose the paths they chose.

The actor: James Corden. He has been the host of "Late Night" since 2015 when the former host, Craig Ferguson, left for greener pastures. Since that time, Corden was able to develop a following of hardcore fans and seemed fairly popular. So why the petition? Cordon's film performances have been, ummm..how do I say this gently.... horrible?

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"Cats", the 2019 film version starring Corden, did not do well at the box office. Even cat ladies thought the film and, in particular, Corden's performance, was horrible. So horrible that two years on, even Cordon hadn't seen the movie. According to Variety, Corden admitted to not having seen the movie. "There doesn't seem to be much reason to" Cordon said, admitting he knew the film was bad.

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Add to the "Cats" flop poor performances in both "Cinderella" and "The Prom", fans of the "Wicked" story want producers to keep Corden away. Far, far away.

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The petition, on Change.org, has gained over 300 signatures just in the time it took me to get this far in the story.

As you can see, most people say he's horrible and that he would ruin the movie. Others are more constructive, suggesting he concentrate on something he does well.

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Even those who like him are worried about what he'll do to "Wicked".

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I share Richard's sentiments: I, too, like James Corden and think he is talented. Carpool Karaoke is hilarious. I like his humor. I (usually) like his delivery and, though I don't know him personally, he seems to have a heart about him. But, I am also a "Wicked" fan. I had no idea I'd be a "Wicked" fan, as I was dragged to the show in New York kicking and screaming, and left in awe.

I, too, do not want to see James Corden in "Wicked".

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