There are so many facets to recovery after a natural disaster, with people being the number one priority. But many people, when talking about family, always include their furry friends.

Hundreds of pets have been displaced by Hurricane Ida, with some finding their way to live with extended family outside of the affected area, and others being sent to shelters. But most pets stayed with their families.

Now those families need help.

With limited services due to damage to infrastructure, many supplies are scarce or just plain unavailable, and that includes pet food.

The Pet Food Pantry of Lafayette is asking for people to help provide some relief to that shortage of pet food.

The Pet Food Pantry was created when a need was realized: people were having to surrender their pets because they could not afford to feed them. Concerned animal lovers created an organization to help alleviate that problem.

Dogs Dre and Bella Photo By Debbie Ray

Working closely with Acadiana Animal Aid and SpayNation, the Pet Food Pantry helps the people of Acadiana feed their pets. Now, they are trying to help the people of Southeast Louisiana during a very trying time.

With some people still having trouble finding decent meals for themselves and their families, the Pet Food Pantry is trying to lessen the burden by helping to provide for the pets. This is where you come in.

Pet Food Pantry via Facebook

If you could make a monetary donation or a physical donation of pet food, please do. Dry dog and cat food is what is being requested, as well as monetary donations. If you'd like to send a check or drop off some $$, the address is 200 W University, Lafayette, 70506. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm to accept your donations.

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