Pennington Biomedical Researchers have found that even in people who are at a healthy weight, reducing your caloric intake by 300 calories can significantly improve cardiovascular health.

The study followed participants who on average reduced their daily intake from 2,470 calories to 2,170. Researcher Dr. Eric Ravussin says the results were surprising.

“Blood pressure went down, and your lipid profile was much better, which decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease tremendously.”

The study focused on individuals who were prone to cardiovascular disease.

Ravussin says you can extend your time until you have a possible cardiovascular event by three to five years just by cutting out a few snacks, or other vices…

“It can be three beers, or two chocolate desserts, you know, it’s still something.”

The study showed an up to 50 percent reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease.

The doctor says what was so remarkable is that the 220 people who participated were at a healthy, and normal weight.  Ravussin says it’s a reminder that health is more than just your outward appearance.

“People think that if you are in the normal range for your body weight that you are fine, but just losing 300 calories a day was enough to improve your cardiovascular risk factor.”

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