When it comes to our children, we're willing to violate a little privacy to ensure their safety. Kids are constantly hopping from app to app when it comes to which ones are cool to use, and this can keep parents struggling to keep up. There is one you might not be aware of, and one dad wants to make sure you do after he discovered some disturbing messages on the app that were sent to seven-year-old daughter.

Brad Summer from Illinois posted the story to his Facebook page warning parents about an app called musical.ly. Musical.ly is described as the “world’s largest creative platform”. The app allows users to chat, share pictures, and share videos in categories like music, comedy and fashion & beauty among other things.

Screen Cap Via Google Play
Screen Cap Via Google Play

Summer explains in his Facebook post that his seven-year-old daughter downloaded the app to “connect with her cousins and make goofy duets of songs together”. His daughter doesn't have a phone of her own. This app was downloaded to one of the parent's phones, for use when they were around. Brad or his wife were the people handling all friend requests to their daughter's account, and this still happened.

A user claiming to be nine-year-old got accepted, and that's where things got horrible. The pervert started asking the little girl for pictures, and then tried to talk her in taking pictures without her shirt on. At that point, the little girl told her parents.

Good job girl! And, good job parents! You're obviously doing a great job. Well done, and I sure hope the police catch this creep!

Below is Brad Summer's Facebook post about the ordeal.

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