The first place I don't want to see Leonard Fournette go is to the Atlanta Falcons. The second place I don't want to see Leonard Fournette go is to the Carolina Panthers.

I'd like to say this. I want to see Fournette succeed. He's a good kid. He's a great football player, and he deserves the best. On a selfish note, though, if he's not coming to the New Orleans Saints, I don't want to see him in our conference!

That being said, it's been noted that the Panthers are at least looking at him. Who knows exactly what they're looking for as far as the draft goes. Of course, they're not gonna show their full hand to everyone.

Two days ago (3/28), it was reported that the Panthers were in talks to trade up in the draft with the 49ers from pick 8 to pick 2. In the same statement, it said they were looking for a big time defender.

Yesterday (3/29) it was reported that Panthers coach Ron Rivera would be at Fournette's Pro Day, with some big words added.

Seeing that the Carolina Panthers have become a force to be reckoned with, they don't need a big man like that coming at the Saints defense twice a year!

We won't know for sure until the draft actually happens. So, these are all just rumors at the moment.

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