We've already produced episodes of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction' with Philip Anselmo (twice) and Vinnie Paul, and now the circle is complete, as far as surviving Pantera members go, with our latest episode featuring Rex Brown. The bassist joined us in our studio to separate the truth from the lies in another episode of our popular series.

Considering we've done this with Pantera a number of times already, one would imagine there's not much fiction left on the band's Wikipedia pages, be it the band profile, member pages or each individual album. Per usual, the Internet was not entirely truthful and we dug deep to find some bits of information to clear up with Brown.

At first, the bassist tried to deceive us, suggesting his birth year was incorrect on Wikipedia, but laughed it off and clarified that he was indeed born in 1964. Moving forward, we asked Brown about his childhood musical influences and his early development on a few instruments. In high school, Brown took up one of the more peculiar brass instruments, a stark contrast from the rumbling low-end he'd contribute to one of metal's heaviest acts.

Now, when we had Vinnie Paul in just a few days earlier, he had clarified that the man on the cover of Vulgar Display of Power was punched in the face 31 times, not 30 as it has been written on Wikipedia, but Brown disputed Vinnie's claim, noting he had watched the episode of "Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction' prior to visiting us. However, Rex could have very well been joking with his number.

How many times was this poor man socked in the face for a measly $10 a punch? You'll have to watch the video above to find out along with more about the Pantera legacy, how Metallica's 'Black Album' opened the door for Pantera's success and the eventual dissolution of the band caused by internal strife.

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